In-line Helical Gearbox

TH Series Helical Geared Unit is NextGen mechano-electrical integrated product designed for optimum torque density, wide gear ratios & compactness. These are highly reliable & used in various industrial applications under tough operating conditions.

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Input for these geared units are IEC motor & Input Solid Shaft (ISS).


IEC Motors can be connected to TH Series Gearbox using our special coupling. This coupling is modular type & known for its high reliability.

In the event of motor failure this coupling system helps to minimise customer production loss by replacing IEC motor quickly without any damage to Gearbox or Motor flanges!!

Lubrication filled from factory

Product Features

  • High durability & reliability.
  • High torque.
  • Quite & noiseless operation.
  • Accepts all IEC motors.
  • Input coupling helps motor dismantling easy.
  • Compact & refined design for effective space utility.
  • Wide ratios & versatile mounting.
  • Lubricated for life.
  • Gears from hardened, case-hardened steel before final profile grounding.
  • Cast iron body for all models.
  • Power coated (Blue colour - RAL 5015).

Input Power Range

0.12kw to 37kw

Gear Ratios

3.6 to 207.6

Mounting Options

Foot, Flange

Torque Range:

Model Max Torque (Nm)
TH20 126
TH25 196
TH30 374
TH35 495
TH40 850
TH50 1377
TH60 2650
TH80 4200


Food Processing Units




Material Handling




Recycling Plants

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